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Guidelines for a Pleasant Dining Experience

Hesapsiz Rules

Welcome to Turkish Hesapsiz Meyhane. We kindly request our esteemed guests to adhere to the following rules and regulations, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable time for all:
1. Age Restriction: Indoor reservations are exclusively available to guests aged 15 and above. We prioritize the safety and comfort of all our patrons.
2. Exclusive Indoor Seating: Our indoor seating area is specially designated for couples, providing a cozy and intimate environment for guests to enjoy.
3. Two Table Reservation Requirements: For guests requesting both indoor and outdoor table reservations, a minimum spend of 500 AED per person is required at indoor seating.
4. Dress Code: Our restaurant has a smart casual dress code. Please dress appropriately for the occasion and avoid wearing casual or athletic clothing, such as shorts and slippers. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a comfortable and upscale dining experience.
5. No External Food or Drinks: To guarantee an exceptional culinary experience, any food or beverage items from outside the restaurant are not permitted.
6. Monetary Offerings to Singers: In compliance with government regulations, Please note that offering money to our talented singers is not permitted.
7. Song Requests: To enhance your musical enjoyment, we are pleased to accept song requests exclusively during our champagne service, adding a touch of elegance and celebration to the atmosphere.
8. Smoking Policy: For the health and comfort of all guests, smoking is strictly prohibited in indoor areas.
9. Interaction with Stage Staff: Please avoid any direct contact with our stage staff.
10. Appropriate Dance Attire: While we encourage our guests to dance and enjoy the music, please be mindful of the government rules and avoid dancing while wearing Kandura and Abaya.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and look forward to providing you with an unforgettable dining experience at Turkish Hesapsiz Meyhane.

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